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Private International Arts Association (IAA) Membership
Honorary membership in the World Federation of Nations
Foundation, promoting World Peace and Global Enlightenment and Vibrant Health.
Website Listing of Name, Business, Product or Service with personal website access.
Information regarding curated events and activitie which provide fellowship with other members within interest groups.
Reservations made on a first come first served basis.
Some invitations and reduced group rates on events.
Networking, sharing, promoting and collaborating in all areas of The Arts.
Associations, inclusions and opportunities availble through IAA organizations.
Possible opportunities for management through International Arts Association with 10% fee of gross procured business interests only (Non-Exclusive, Non-Proactive).
Possible IAA Proactive Exclusive Management Opportunities.
Information on IAA programs that could allow for for members to share and promote their many talents and artistic accomplishments all over the world.

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