Gold Commercial Membership



Exclusive-Level International Arts Association (IAA) Membership
Honor and Recognition of exclusive member status at IAA events.
Honorary membership in the World Federation of Nations
Foundation,promoting World Peace and Global Enlightenment and Vibrant Health.
IAA Proactive Exclusive Management Opportunities.
Special exclusive business promotions and opportunities for sponsorship that may allow for prefered International Arts Association businesses to share and promote their business.
Invitations to private tours and other special events within The Arts.
Information regarding curated events and activities not generally available to the public which could provide fellowship with other members within interest groups.
Possible opportunities for participation in planning of future events.
Invitations and reduced group rates to exclusive IAA social events.
Priority registration for IAA member events.
Yearly main events and other social activities and gatherings depending upon interest groups.
Eclectic Musical Events including everything from Classical Chamber Music to Pop, Jazz, Opera, and Avant-Garde
Networking, sharing, promoting and collaborating in all areas of The Arts.
Associations, inclusions and opportunities available through The IAA.
Invitation to the Annual Renaissance International Awards.
International Arts Association – sponsored travel opportunities.

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Monthly Membership